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Exciting Changes to our Business!

September 1, 2022,

Dear Valued All Therm Customer,

We are proud to announce that SPI Canada Distribution, Inc., aka SPI, LLC., has acquired All Therm Services Inc.  SPI is fortunate to have Chris Ishkanian in the lead, and to be able to retain the great All Therm team of employees and knowledge.  SPI offers their customers a vast amount of Commercial, Building, and Industrial Insulation materials to select from, which include Marine, Refractory, Acoustical, and OEM materials.  SPI also has fabrication centers that can customize a solution for your business.  Along with the large selection of materials, the SPI team members have many years of experience and knowledge to meet your product needs.  

Effective September 1, 2022, All Therm will continue to operate from their existing locations but under the SPI banner.  All quotations and invoices will be under the SPI name.  In Eastern Canada it will be business as usual other than the name change.  Our locations and personnel will remain as they were prior to the sale.  In Western Canada it will be a bit more challenging as we integrate dual operations in Burnaby, Calgary and Edmonton.  Over the next few weeks we will slowly start the process of consolidating our dual branches in each city into one location.  We will keep you apprised of our progress as we move forward and will provide ample notice of any changes in operations.

We are in the process of creating new business cards with updated “SPI” email addresses.  The All Therm email will continue to run for the short term until we get everyone converted to the new email address. Branch and cell phone numbers are not changing.

We recognize that both SPI and All Therm have been actively quoting in the market up until September 1st.  All quotations will be honoured and if you have received quotes from both companies you have the option of using whichever quote best meets your needs.  We also recognize that customers have had regular communications with sales people from SPI and All Therm.  Please bear with us as we realign the responsibilities of our sales team.  Feel free to contact whichever representative you feel most comfortable with as we’re now one team who’s objective is to service your needs.  Over time we’ll sort out the customer responsibilities internally but rest assured your needs will be met.

We’re excited about the opportunity this venture presents and be assured our team will dedicate our full attention to servicing your business.  We will have more to announce in the coming weeks but in the meantime please feel free to reach out to any of us with your questions or concerns.  I am always available and look forward to hearing from you.  On behalf of all of us, I would like to thank you for your past support and we look forward to servicing your future insulation requirements.

Best regards,


Chris Ishkanian
District Manager - Canada


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