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Technical Services

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Helping You Manage Your Energy Consumption

One of the challenges in managing energy consumption in a facility is understanding the impact of a properly insulated mechanical system. All piping systems and duct work that transfer treated water or air (hot, cold or steam) from a source to the desired service location must be properly insulated. Properly insulated mechanical systems will significantly reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions in buildings. In addition, there is a considerable safety risk when hot piping or valves are left uninsulated.

To assist facility managers in reducing energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, All Therm Services Inc. offers three distinct technical disciplines:

Our Certified Energy Appraisers can perform energy audits of your mechanical system to identify all necessary insulation repairs and/or upgrades. Our report will quantify the annual energy savings and greenhouse gas reductions achieved by installing the recommended insulation.

Once a scope of work has been identified through the Energy Appraisal we'll create a specification and scope of work designed specifically for the chosen area.

We can provide Certified Insulation Inspectors to ensure the proper insulation is installed in accordance to the specifications.


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